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The Frenchman’s Corner is pleased to present Neuhaus Chocolates Haute Patisserie Collection:

In the footsteps of the lady’s chefs and Stars chefs, Vlezenbeek Belgium based chocolatier is launching the Haute Patisserie Collection which will be available at the Frenchman’s Corner this fall.

Nine internationally renowned Pastry Chefs, chosen for their talent in the gastronomic world, have each created a unique praline for Neuhaus, guided by their own creative, cultural and gastronomic inspiration. The result is a luxurious gift box with exceptional pralines.

Each praline reflects a combination of talent of the renowned Pastry Chef and expertise of Neuhaus’ Maître Chocolatier. This exclusive and international collaboration results in a luxurious product with refined and delicious pralines.

Christophe Adam, who achieved fame as Creative Director at Fauchon, is known for his legendary reinventions of classics such as the baba au rhum and the forêt noire, but especially his éclairs.

Over the past two years he has been raising the profile of his latest passion: sweet delicacies which he retails through ADAM’s.

Also in the heart of Paris, he recently opened L’Éclair de Genie, a new French pastry concept, which sells absolutely delicious éclairs and sublime chocolate truffles.

Smooth ganache made of Sicilian pistachios and oranges from Seville, enriched with black raisins from Chile.

Christophe Adam:

“I like combining orange with pistachio for its hint of flower. It brings out the natural tang of the dried fruit. This praline blends smoothness and robustness, a marriage made in heaven that is now travelling around the world. ”

Dominique Ansel:

Originally from Paris, made his name in New York as Chef Patissier in Chef Daniel Boulud’s three-star restaurant.

These days he runs a successful patisserie in the Big Apple and has won various awards, such as “Best New Patisserie of New York”, “Top 10 Pastry Chefs in the United States” and he has been nominated as “Outstanding Pastry Chef”.

Chocolate ganache made with roasted peanuts on a layer of caramel à l’ancienne, enrobed with a creamy milk chocolate.

Dominique Ansel:
“Inspired by childhood memories, peanut butter ganache reveals its rounded flavour accompanied by a soft toffee that is covered in milk chocolate. A tip of the hat to America and a fusion of two cultures.”


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