Thank you to our customers and the Culpeper and Fredericksburg communities, the Frenchman's Corner continues to prevail as the #1 independent retailer of Neuhaus Belgian chocolates for 2012. This will be the 4th year in a row running that we have held this position.

As part of having attained this milestone, the Frenchman's Corner and our customers will continue to gain from certain benefits, both directly and indirectly as we will have the same access to marketing materials and products that are only provided to Neuhaus owned stores around the globe. We will also continue to maintain our status as the only independent Neuhaus retailer listed on the Neuhaus worldwide website.

Presentation of the award will take place in the middle of June 2013 at Neuhaus headquarters in Vlezenbeek, Belgium and be presented to the owners of the Frenchman's Corner by Mr. Jos Linkens, CEO.

We wish to thank our customer service teams at both locations as well as our customers for continuing to allow us to be your #1 provider of Neuhaus Belgian chocolates in the Piedmont region and beyond.


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